OnePlus 2 Release

Release Date: August 11

Revealed July 27, 2015 (With Virtual Reality)


The OnePlus 2 is the successor to the critically acclaimed OnePlus One. In development, the phone was codenamed “Lettuce” and is now officially named OnePlus 2.

Check out what we know about the OnePlus 2:

OnePlus 2 Features and Specifications

OnePlus 2 VS OnePlus One

  • Will an invite be required to buy the OnePlus 2?

Yes. OnePlus promises to be “far more prepared” with the invite system this time around. There will be at least 30 times more invites available from the start. Update: Invites are no longer required after December 5, 2015.

  • Will the OnePlus Two have a smaller screen than the OnePlus One?

The screen size is the same as the OPO.

  • How much will the OnePlus Two cost?

$389 for the 64 GB version, $329 for the 16 GB version.

  • What operating system will the One Plus Two use?

Android 5.0 L (“Lollipop”)

  • Will the operating system on OnePlus Two be different for Chinese users?

Yes. The Chinese version will use HydrogenOS, a modified stock OS.

  • Will India get the One Plus Two at launch?

Yes. Read more here.

  • Will the OP2 have Snapdragon 810?

Yes, Snapdragon 810 v2.1 with no heat issues.

  • Wireless charging? USB Type-C?

No wireless charging, Yes USB Type-C.

  • Dual Sim?

The OP2 has dual SIM capability; up to two nano SIM cards can be used.

76 comments on “OnePlus 2 Release
      • I too would love to buy it right now without the invite system. My rank has been getting worse as time goes by and even though I would really like it I am getting tired of waiting 🙁

  1. One information I would like to share here.

    If OnePlus two is for sale at the same price or lesser than OnePlus one(Rs 19000), amazing things is going to happen in OnePlus organization is another 2 years.Mark my words.

  2. I live in Russia .the city .Novosibirsk.I am 45 years old.Really want to birthday is October 13 .I think he would be ready.Good luck!!!!!

    • My guess: considering Canada is part of North America, I would assume so. As far as I know OnePlus hasn’t said anything official yet.

  3. I’ve always wished of having a 1+ device, I wanted the 1+1 but never got a chance… Was very anticipated when I heard they came out with a 1+2. I really want this phone, it fits my budget perfectly. Please send me a invite

  4. Only for those who dint know. One plus 2….will released on August 11, 2015. This flag ship killer device is available only through invites. You can enroll yourself for getting invited on home web site.

  5. hi i live in India,i already have oneplus one.Iam waiting for oneplus two before or on my birthday which is on 24/ launch quickly in India plzplzplzplz.

  6. Under strain, the OnePlus 2 does get a little warm on the top metal edge and on the back between the camera and volume buttons, but it disperses that heat quite well. Even at its warmest, the OnePlus didn’t seem jaggy or force close any apps, but it did drop a frame or two in games.

  7. purchased on OCT 2015 and facing problems like never before.
    got hanged almost daily after NOV 2015 and today dated 16-01-2016 on my birthday I am hanged as its black out since morning.
    its not +2 its -20

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