OnePlus 3 Common Problems: Easy Guide

OnePlus 3 Troubleshoot Guide

Common Problems That Can Be Solved Quickly

1. Camera app not taking pictures:

Cause: Possible software bug. However, there are quick ways that will let you take photos in the meantime.

1) Go to Settings > Apps > Camera > Storage > Clear Data and Cache. Reboot.

2) Also, try changing aspect ratio to 16:9

oneplus camera screen shot

3) Try using a different camera app such as Google Camera.

2. Random Clicks in VR Apps:

The magnetometer in the OnePlus 3 is sensitive to magnets in the VR headset.

1) Take out the magnet in the headset and/or use a Bluetooth controller instead.

OnePlus: “We’re looking into this.”

3. RAM Management:
The OnePlus 3 has aggressive RAM management in purpose in order to save battery life. Only power users will notice this.

There is a workaround but it requires root access. MarioSerrafero from XDA recommends this method:
1) Install BuildProp editor from Play Store:
2) Search this within the app:


3) Change it to this:


Another workaround, which does not require root access, follows the same idea. If you are familiar with ADB (Android Debug Bridge), then you can use that to change that line of code.

4. Push notification issues:
This is usually caused by “Doze”, a new Android battery saving feature.

In order to disable it for certain apps do this:
1) Go to Settings > Battery
3) Click the three dots on the top right, and click Battery optimisation
4) Click All apps
5) Tap on apps that you always want notifications for, and click Don’t optimise (e.g. email, Whatsapp etc)

5. Screen protector doesn’t cover the whole phone:
The OnePlus 3’s screen is curved slightly at the edges (2.5D Glass). Because of the subtle curves around the edges, screen protectors doesn’t fully cover the phone. If it did, air bubbles and dust may be able to enter and compromise the integrity of the screen protector.

Source: OnePlus Forums, Alvie


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