OnePlus 5T Specs

OnePlus has announced the OnePlus 5T. This new phone upgrades some features that were on the original OnePlus 5.

The 5T gets a boosted screen size, with an ultra-long 18:9 display. Other than the size of the device, most of the specifications are the same as the original OnePlus 5. The processor stays the same with the use of a Snapdragon 835. The battery (and by extension, battery life), cameras, RAM, and storage also stay the same. The 5T is also made of anodized aluminum (same as the 5).

It looks like the 5T’s big change is the shape of the device and the screen size.

Even the screen resolution is 1080p, a disappointment to those wanting better resolutions. The market has moved toward 4k resolution in most flagship smartphones. The extra long screen changes the location of the fingerprint sensor as well. The sensor now sits at the back of the phone, but OnePlus is hoping you’ll use the new facial recognition unlock instead.

Other specifications are below, taken from the official OnePlus site.




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