OnePlus 5T To Be Announced November 17

Although a previous rumor suggested that OnePlus would skip the 5T, it looks like the 5T is actually on the way. The big difference is the screen and form factor, according to the latest leaks and rumors. The OnePlus 5T should have more curves in the form to keep up with the form factor trends in modern smart phones. Additionally, the screen will be ultra-long, standing at 18:9 (2160×1080).

Rumors aside, the official forum post from a OnePlus staff member says that the 5T will be announced on November 16, 2017. Tickets are being sold to the event for $40. OnePlus promises the money will be given to charity.

“For those eagerly considering the OnePlus 5T, let me share a key piece of info to help you decide. Sales for the OnePlus 5T in North America and Europe start on November 21. The OnePlus 5T will be available in China on December 1. Early birds in India will be able to get their device through a flash sale on November 21, while official sales start on November 28.”

Are you getting the OnePlus 5T?


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