Rumor: OnePlus 6 Arrives in 2018, More On OnePlus 5T

While everyone enjoys the OnePlus 5, new rumors are stirring up regarding the next OnePlus phone – which won’t be the OnePlus 5T, according to a new rumor.

OnePlus 5

OnePlus will skip the OnePlus 5T for technical and marketing reasons. The main technical reason involves the Snapdragon chipset, the processing “‘brains” of the smartphone. As Snapdragon’s maker, Qualcomm, has no plans to release a new chipset for the rest of 2017, it’s likely that OnePlus hasn’t designed a OnePlus 5T. If you remember, the OnePlus 3T (three) featured an upgraded processor compared to the original OnePlus 3, along with other small improvements.

Marketing-wise, OnePlus wants to conserve momentum for the OnePlus 6. The strategy of OnePlus has changed from invite campaigns to open ordering. Of course, this brushes over phone supply limitations at the launch, but the point is that OnePlus probably won’t generate enough buzz. Releasing a OnePlus 5T with no processing upgrade to a market that is watching OnePlus closer than ever before – doesn’t make sense.

OnePlus 6

Moving on to the OnePlus 6: According to the rumor, the next OnePlus phone will go with the “all screen” trend. This means thinner or non-existant bezels. Considering the previous use of a fingerprint sensor, this could mean the fingerprint sensor will be within the screen or placed on the back. The rumor, which cites its “sources”, suggest OnePlus may finally make the jump to a 4K resolution screen, despite the extra costs. All previous phones have kept with the 1080p resolution to pass cost savings to the consumer. Otherwise, the OnePlus 6 should have very similar (6GB/8GB) RAM and (64GB/128GB) storage, along with dual SIM capability. The most possible tech surprise would be new wireless charging, in addition to keeping the current OnePlus quick-charging technology.

What do you want to see in the next OnePlus phone?

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