Rumor: OnePlus 3.1 With LCD, Snapdragon 821 On The Way

Some news sources are now saying that OnePlus is looking at producing a new model of the OnePlus 3.


This OnePlus 3.1 or 3S would feature an improved chipset (Snapdragon 821) and an LCD screen.

So why the downgrade to an LCD screen when the current OnePlus 3 model features an AMOLED screen? Apparently, OnePlus is facing a supply shortage of AMOLED screens. Additionally, using an LCD screen on a rumored OnePlus 3.1 would lower the price, perhaps attracting more customers.

As for the Snapdragon 821 – the chipset is relatively new to the consumer phone market. Included in the ultra-new Google Pixel flagship phone, the 821 is slightly better than the Snapdragon 820 variant currently serving the OnePlus 3.

A Chinese certification from last two months ago also points to a new OnePlus phone.

Of course, this is definitely still just a rumor – considering the same sources are also reporting that OnePlus would completely stop production of the original OP3, this rumor needs more support before it can be taken seriously.

2 comments on “Rumor: OnePlus 3.1 With LCD, Snapdragon 821 On The Way
  1. If there is a new phone any idea of the price? I was looking to buy the oneplus 3 but If I was to buy this new phone I Would like to know the price and the specs. Will this new phone be available In the Republic Of Ireland as the one plus 3 is here right now?

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