CyanogenMod 13 Now Available For OnePlus 3

Thanks to Sultanxda, an unofficial CyanogenMod 13 ROM is now available for the OnePlus 3.


Sultanxda is an experienced developer who has created ROMs/Kernals for OnePlus One and earlier phones. He claims that the OP3 CyanogenMod 13 ROM is more stable and has many improvements under-the-hood. Sultanxda’s ROM even features OTA updates with the CyanogenMod update function.


  • Based off latest generic CyanogenMod 13.0 stable sources (root access is NOT included)
  • OTA updates via built-in CMUpdater
  • Custom camera app with photo quality comparable to OxygenOS
  • Custom camera HAL featuring:
    -Improved camera stability with this ROM (this camera HAL is still pretty barebones)
  • Latest stable CAF LA.HB.1.3.1.c1 audio, media, and display HALs (improves stability)
  • Many other misc. performance and stability improvements under the hood

A beta tester of the ROM reported on Reddit:

I’m really happy to report 6-8 hours of screen on time on average for me. The phone also remains very cool under heavy use. The OP3 often heated up to uncomfortable levels with stock and Sultan did a great job underclocking to maximize performance and thermal efficiency. The ROM also features all kinds of great goodies like an improved camera HAL, better security, and all kinds of bug fixes. The headphone jack, touchscreen, and video recording all work as they should with no bugs or issues.

This should be easy to install if you’re familiar with rooting your phone or if your phone has already been rooted.


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