OnePlus 3 Criticized For RAM Usage

Many users of the OnePlus 3 have reported that the OP3 tends to remove apps from memory too early. Once too many apps have been opened, the OnePlus 3 kicks the earliest opened app, and so on.

Left: The default, Right: After "Fix"

Left: The Default, Right: After  XDA “Fix”


OnePlus says that this is due to the way the OP3 conserves battery.

OnePlus’ Carl Pei recently responded to comments about the RAM handling by implying that the process was intentional.

“We have a different strategy for RAM management that benefits battery. We think this is the best user experience,” Pei tweeted.

Due to how developer-friendly OnePlus is, custom OnePlus 3 ROMs have the ability to change the app handling. The problem is that most users just want to use the OS that came with the phone, and take advantage of the extreme amount (6 GB) of RAM.

As this video shows, the OnePlus 3 still doesn’t outperform the Samsung Galaxy S7 in terms of speed:

On the other hand, the OnePlus 3 was just released, and has plenty of time to get things right with software updates.

There’s a “fix” for the RAM problem that doesn’t require rooting the phone, and while not extensively tested, is showing XDA Developers good results.


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