OnePlus X Reviews: Consider A Different Phone If You Live in U.S.

As we already pointed out in an earlier post, the OnePlus X is an extremely good phone, with extreme value, but with a nagging issue. That issue, of course, is the lack of support for LTE on U.S. carriers. The OPX supports two SIM cards, which is great for worldwide travelers and non-US countries. However, for some reason, OnePlus decided not to add support for 700 MHz LTE.


That’s a problem, because the two major networks that the OPX could be used with in the U.S., AT&T and T-Mobile, both use 700 MHz bands. T-Mobile is redesigning its network to use the faster 700 MHz band even more. This means that the OPX will most likely connect to HSPA+ 4G bands on its better days, and will have trouble getting 4G data indoors.

Reviews of the OPX praise the phone’s quality for the price, beautiful design, and clean OS, but are pointing out that most U.S. phone users should probably choose a different phone.

“But it has one major flaw that keeps me from recommending this phone to anyone living in the US. It’s an unlocked phone, which OnePlus advertises as compatible with LTE networks on both AT&T and T-Mobile. However, the OnePlus X lacks support for AT&T’s most widely used LTE frequency. Further, it doesn’t have support for a frequency that T-Mobile is rapidly transitioning its network to.”


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