Did OnePlus Make A Mistake By Confirming Another 2015 Phone? [UPDATE]

A recent development from an interview between OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei and USA Today was that another OnePlus smartphone is coming this December.


While another OnePlus smartphone is good news to any veteran OnePlus fan, it’s not necessarily a great thing that the second OnePlus phone was prominently confirmed to USA Today right before the launch of the OnePlus 2 on August 11.

Forbes writer Ewan Spence writes: “There’s no doubt that promoting a third handset through a USA Today interview when all the efforts should be on the second handset fits the definition. [However] OnePlus is in a slightly different situation that could see the company avoid the full force of the Osborne Effect.”

The “Osbourne Effect” is the predictable phenomenon of less sales that occurs when a company announces a newer product right around the time it is launching a finished product. (You can read more on the Osbourne Effect Wikipedia article.)

However, writer Ewan Spence also points out that OnePlus might not suffer from this effect due to the invite system. Since OnePlus prepares the OP2 handsets based on both invites and pre-made stock, a large amount of people cancelling their purchase would just be people not using their invite. While OnePlus would lose sales at the worst, it wouldn’t suffer from wasted inventory.

Another piece of strange info is that OnePlus has hinted at another phone with different specs, before – earlier this year, in fact. Some have called this phone the OnePlus One Mini, but it seems that the new phone will be more closely related to the OnePlus 2, according to Pei’s comments.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei said that the specs of the phone will be different enough to make both of the phones unique – but then, Pei also said he would have a hard time choosing which phone he would personally use.

Either Carl Pei goofed in confirming the smartphone during the OnePlus 2’s hype, OnePlus plans to reveal the mysterious phone as a different option, or the phones are drastically different from each other.

The number of OnePlus 2 invite reservations continue to climb higher, so my bet would be that OnePlus will have a pretty successful OP2 launch regardless.

I reached out to OnePlus asking whether or not the next phone would be different from the OP2. Interestingly, it looks like OnePlus is not talking about the next phone yet.

OnePlus: “Hi Austin. Can’t comment on the next phone unfortunately. thanks!

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